nedogurok (nedogurok) wrote,

Рождественское поздравление

Прислали рождественскую открытку из Institute of Direct Marketing, где я получаю третье образование. Немного поржала.

Christmas comes but once a year;
A crying shame for a marketeer.
With consumer spend in the stratosphere
A couple more times wouldn't harm the career!

Returns on investment lie under each tree:
Some vintage brie; a fine Chablis;
A Nintendo Wii... A Jay-Z dvd,
Or a new tv (with no-quibble guarantee)?

But stop for a moment. Is that really it?
What makes Christmas special, we have to admit,
Is the thought and the time and the love you commit
To those for whom presents don't matter. One bit.

Если надо, переведу, только дайте знать. Поэты, блин.
Tags: casual
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