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Sky Dancing Tantra

Here is the link to the Sky Dancing tantra website: SkyDancing. We, the owners of this journal, have visited several seminars of this particular branch of tantra. The seminars are conducted in save, relaxed atmosphere and at the same time have a very strong, profound effect. We participated on 3 blocks of the Couples training and also visited Feast of Fools as well as an introductory weekend.

We didn't find the exercises to be particularly demanding or difficult, but the effect from these exercises can be very powerful and often challenging. I think, what happens after the end of each of the workshops is that the person has to face the reality of what he\she thinks about the relationships with their partners and to be truthful about it. Ultimately it means that the relationships will be directed towards what both people really want and that means that everyone gets to understand him\herself better, to understand better his or her wishes and expectations.

Also we've found the Skydancing workshops empowering in terms of raising energy and chakras opening. I personally had few experiences of the kundalini rising, which was quite a strong experience.

Please have a look at the Skydancing Tantra web site and contact owners or us if you want to learn more about the workshops.
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